The Human Side of Change

Free online event
Wed, July 28, 2021
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM HST

Those who’ve led a team through a big transformation know there’s nothing quite like it. They also know that in order for that transformation to be a success, it takes a delicate balance of hard skills and soft skills. David A. Cole of dAC Consulting Group is definitely one of those individuals.

If you’re a leader who’s preparing for an organizational transformation or if you’re a leader who’s in the midst of one, you don’t want to miss this interactive session.

As an internal and external consultant, David has designed, launched, and implemented a portfolio of highly successful transformation interventions, and he’s providing a rare, behind-the-curtain look at highly successful approaches to organizational transformation. During this session, David will walk attendees through:

  • Highly effective approaches to successfully transforming your team, department, or organization
  • The human-focused model
  • How the human-focused model was implemented right here in Hawaii at Central Pacific Bank
  • A key breakout session that’s a mainstay of a human-focused change workshop


David A. Cole

David A. Cole

Organizational Development & Transformation Consultant

dAC Consulting Group

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