Hawai`i Executive Collaborative is making systemic change through collaborative leadership, collective action, and its commitment to Hawai`i.

Aloha Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative members,

One of the attributes of a good leader is the ability to plan. Another equally important characteristic is the ability to pivot.

The plans we made for 2020 changed when HEC and its members pivoted to help Hawai‘i address the public health crisis created by the pandemic and grapple with the economic and societal fallout that ensued.

The needs of our people and this place are significant in number and serious in nature. In the face of such pressing challenges, leaders in Hawai‘i recognized the opportunity—indeed, the necessity—of aligning for action. By understanding where collaboration could have the greatest impact, and harnessing the resources to make that happen, HEC has worked to serve as a catalyst to help build a more resilient economy and state.

Toward that end, HEC has many partners in its endeavors. We know that creating long-lasting change requires everyone to step up and band together. Along with others who understand the urgency of responsive leadership, we’re doing our part to accelerate real-world, high-impact solutions in Hawai‘i and far beyond its shores.
As HEC leaders see it, the challenge is to amplify the good work that is already underway and set in motion initiatives that fill critical gaps in what still needs to be done. It is only by working together that we, as a community, can move faster and go further.

The cumulative contributions of HEC members and partners have been consequential, all the while exemplifying our collaborative and action-oriented approach to driving change. It is an honor and an inspiration to support the hard work of top decision makers who are guided by a shared sense of responsibility to use their authority for our collective good.

Duane Kurisu

Chairman, Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative

Lynelle Marble

Executive Director, Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative

HEC 2021 Impact Report