Climate Hawai'i: Creating a climate for change

Solving Hawai'i's climate challenge requires a fresh approach and unprecedented collaboration. It was this spirit of collective action that launched the Hawai'i Executive Collaborative's climate initiative in 2022. Now called "Climate Hawai‘i," the initiative brings together organizational leaders to support effective decarbonization and climate resilience actions.

We recognize the severity of climate change and its impacts on our island home—particularly on our most vulnerable residents. We also appreciate that Hawai‘i is uniquely positioned to contribute solutions to this challenge. Our actions can have outsized influence on how the nation and globe respond to the climate crisis. But we face a time-bound challenge—the faster we act, the greater our opportunity to create a resilient and thriving future.

Climate Hawai‘i is working to help the islands transform at the necessary speed and scale by connecting key community actors, socializing new ideas and thought around climate solutions, influencing effective climate policy, developing resources and programs, and establishing new social and behavioral norms. Myriad organizations are working on climate, but they face obstacles that Climate Hawai‘i is uniquely positioned to help address, thanks in large part to our multi-sector partnership, influence, and collaborative approach.

Climate Hawai‘i’s strategy to effect positive change is two-fold: helping organizations work internally on climate initiatives while providing a platform to work collectively with others to drive systemic climate progress—particularly on climate policy and increasing investment in equitable climate solutions. Partners are invited to sign the Climate Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to collective climate action while agreeing to measure and reduce their own contribution to climate change. The Pledge requires signers to inventory and track their carbon emissions annually, set goals and take actions to reduce their emissions, and agree to collaborate on and support systemic climate initiatives.

Climate Hawai’i remains a key initiative of Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative and continues to engage within the Rediscovering Hawai’i's Soul Network to build a foundation on which climate solutions can succeed.

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