HEC’s multi-sector Climate Coalition supports the creation of a favorable environment for climate progress—one that addresses systemic barriers that impede progress.

Climate Repair, Adaptation, and Sustainability - Creating a Climate for Change

As leaders of Hawai‘i’s largest organizations and institutions, HEC recognizes the severity of climate change and its impact on our island home. HEC also understands that climate change is a time-bound challenge—the faster we act, the greater our opportunity to create a resilient and thriving future.

Transforming at the speed and scale necessary won’t be easy. It requires a fresh approach and a new kind of collaboration.

The Climate Coalition will create a climate for change by addressing the systemic barriers that can slow progress, including lack of understanding, institutional resilience, and limited resources.

By leveraging our influence and collective capabilities to build a foundation on which climate initiatives can succeed, we will help ensure an equitable transition to a climate resilient economy, society, and environment for all Hawai‘i’s people.

Taking action on climate isn’t just our commitment, it’s our kuleana.


For businesses and organizations that are interested in committing to the Climate Coalition Pledge, click here. Email your signed pledge to info@hec.org.