HEC leaders are driven by a deep sense of shared kuleana (responsibility) for perpetuating our Native Hawaiian culture and values that shape the way we live and work. Recognizing that Hawaiʻi’s communities are enhanced by their diversity, HEC leaders understand the positive impact of personal connection—across the table and across the ocean.

In seeking to create connections, in a community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, where leadership is shared and values are aligned, a universal model for transcendent leadership is beginning to emerge. We believe that bringing a global perspective to local work increases the impact that leaders can have, wherever they are.

HEC builds and creates opportunities focused on Hawaiʻi’s competitive advantages to increase business base, develop and attract talent, and position Hawaiʻi as a magnet for values-aligned investment.

Movers and Shakas

A group of CEOs from different industries—along with volunteers from the local business community—created Movers and Shakas to attract and retain professionals (including returning kama‘āina) who could contribute their talents to growing and diversifying the local economy. In return for volunteering with local nonprofit organizations, Fellows were provided free roundtrip tickets to Hawaiʻi, help with accommodations, and authentic local experiences.

Two place-based immersion programs aim to build enduring personal relationships, professional collaborations and long-term contribution to Hawaiʻi by enabling participants to learn, contribute and connect.

The Cohort Fellow program is a 30-day flagship experience directed towards remote workers, especially returning kama'āina, to relocate and/or build economic ties to Hawaiʻi. A new pilot, Hawaiʻi Talent Onboarding Program, is an 8-week community orientation to facilitate newly relocated talent’s cultural, social and professional transition to Hawaiʻi. Movers and Shakas aims to promote brain gain by attracting, integrating and retaining key talent to build a more resilient, innovative and sustainable Hawaiʻi.

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