Collaborative Action for Community Resilience

Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative (HEC) evolved from the premise that building community resilience requires collaboration across all sectors, starting at the highest levels of leadership. As a collective of CEOs aligned to advance social change in Hawai‘i, HEC is uniquely positioned to harness the power of leaders to break down barriers between sectors, shift ingrained thinking, and overcome inertia.

As a backbone organization, HEC works to define root problems, align goals, and accelerate change. We are focused on supporting like-minded leaders who are committed to collaborating for the benefit of Hawai‘i’s future. Post-pandemic, we’ve zeroed in on working in four critical areas: climate change, housing, Hawai‘i’s future, and education.

The work we do is multidisciplinary and often non-linear by its nature; it requires practicality and vision, boldness and humility. We believe this model of leadership is the one best suited to addressing the systemic problems we face—as a state and as a global community.

In this way, we believe HEC can be a universal model for collaborative leadership. Leadership in Hawai‘i is about placing value on people, supporting the connection of aloha to ‘āina, and collectively building a better launching pad for future generations.

We thank you for demonstrating the leadership needed to move Hawai‘i forward and invite you to further join us in HEC’s collaborative work. The unwavering commitment of our leaders is key to HEC’s effectiveness, and HEC’s effectiveness is key to helping to build community resilience.

Mahalo for your commitment,

Duane Kurisu

Chairman, Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative

Lynelle Marble

Executive Director, Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative

Four Focus Areas of Community Resilience