HEC is committed to finding affordable housing solutions using cross-sector collaboration and inventive thinking to break through obstacles that have prolonged this crisis.

Housing For All

Hawai‘i has the most expensive housing in the country, double the national average. The shortage of affordable housing in Hawai‘i is a serious threat to our families and our future. The issue came into focus as the sharp rise in median home prices meant that the opportunity to purchase a residence was out of reach for most local families.

Even renting is a challenge in terms of availability and affordability, as more than half of Hawai‘i’s employed population is struggling to make ends meet.

Hawai‘i’s lack of affordable housing means that many kama‘āina have given up on the dream of raising their families in Hawai‘i and have opted instead to leave the islands in search of a less expensive, higher quality of life.

HEC’s focus on creating housing for all seeks to address these urgent issues; its leaders believe that cross-sector collaboration and inventive thinking are key to arriving at solutions that will break through the longstanding obstacles prolonging our housing crisis. The bottom line is that available and affordable housing is good for the economy, good for people’s health, good for the community, and critical to Hawai‘i’s future.