Kalo, the Hawaiian name given to taro, is known for its cultural significance, and recognized as an important food source that can help meet the nutritional needs of Hawai‘i and the world.

Through this initiative, HEC is helping to build the foundation for an agriculture strategy that starts with a focus on the kalo industry and envisions goals like these:

  • Hawai‘i produces 100% of its own supply
  • Local farmers have the support to create more kalo-cultivated spaces
  • Delivery and distribution systems are developed for kalo as an agricultural export

HEC recently partnered with the Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival and Kamehameha Schools to host a recipe contest—open to new and experienced chefs—to create an original dish using kalo as the featured ingredient.

By learning from and working with local farmers, we hope to create a sustainable path for kalo as a thriving industry and as core to building a resilient Hawai‘i.

Hawai'i Soul Kalo Field