ⓘ Our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

From Today to Tomorrow: A Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery

The crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recession demands a response from leaders from all sectors across the state of Hawai‘i. While the challenges being faced are significant, leaders across our islands are being presented with the opportunity to transform the lives of residents who are struggling to gain a foothold in our state’s economy while also creating a climate in which the economy can thrive and grow.

By working together – and measuring our progress – we can open the door to economic advancement for all of Hawai‘i’s residents, ensure a qualified applicant for every job opening, and build an economy that works for Hawai‘i.” Learn more and get involved.

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This roadmap shows how state leaders can fill Hawai’i jobs with local workers, ensure employment for displaced workers, and create lasting and effective partnerships across education and industry. The roadmap identifies three priority sectors for talent development to build a resilient economy

Health Care

(including clinical and community health)


(including IT, biotechnology, clean energy)

Skilled Trades

(sustainable ag, manufacturing, construction)

The roadmap also provides three strategic opportunities to invest and scale mapping out short- and long-term actions:

Expand Work-Based Learning

Rapidly Reskill and Credential

Grow Sector-Based Strategies

The Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative, Hawai‘i Community Foundation, Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, and Strada Education Network have joined together to commission national expert Jobs for the Future to work alongside local partners Hawaii P-20 and the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii to produce a Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery in Hawai‘i.”

For more information contact us. You can also read the press release or recent articles.

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