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TRUE creates a pathway for businesses to accelerate their adoption of technology. As a result, local organizations succeed, Hawaiʻi’s economy becomes more diversified and sustainable, and Hawaiʻi becomes a place where all residents can thrive. In essence, TRUE helps cultivate a thriving Hawaiʻi through collaboration and the sharing of technology solutions.
TRUE - Technology Readiness User Evaluation

Our process


Work side-by-side with Hawaiʻi’s innovators at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox to understand best practices that address your common pain points.


By coming together, we can increase Hawaiʻi’s technology literacy across industry sectors resulting in job creation and opportunities for higher wages.


Leverage talent from local universities to help expose students to real-world experience and grow their potential.


Our events highlight effective and impactful innovations and technological advances that you can put into practice with immediate resources.


Meet with change-makers who are driving the adoption and use of tried technologies to benefit and grow Hawaiʻi’s organizations.


Developing real-life solutions that yield measurable results will enable Hawaiʻi to quickly adopt and benefit from digital transformation.

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By sharing knowledge and resources we can build Hawaiʻi’s future together

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